Indigo Ridge Hemp had a simple goal from day one. We wanted to produce the best CBD oil possible from the ground up, literally. We have been farming on the same fertile rich strip of land apply named “The Ridge” for over 100 years, so we knew a little something about farming.  We just had to figure out how to translate our skills as farmers to this new crop, hemp. 

After a year of researching what strains of the hemp to plant to grow, how we process it, and what makes a good CBD oil.  Next, we focused on product development and after a couple years of trial and error we landed on what we have today. Its quite simple, it all starts with good genetics and a clean soil. Luckily, we were already a large scale (900 acres+) USDA organic certified produce farm and we knew we could control our soil quality. Hemp is an amazing phytoremediator, which essentially means it acts as a sponge. Whatever is in the soil will end up in the plant, and in turn in your CBD oil.  What we realized early on is that the most effective CBD oil is not overly processed or distilled oil, it’s what is called a “full spectrum” oil. To understand CBD oil you have to understand how it is processed. We process the hemp using a supercritical CO2. This is considered one the high-quality methods of extracting the oil from the plant. Many CBD companies are processing their hemp with ethanol or hexane, we went with a cleaner process. The process it uses a super chilled high-pressure CO2 to extract the medicinal parts of the hemp flower or bud. The best way to explain a full spectrum oil is that our goal is to maintain everything we can from the plant and bottle it. The hemp plant is packed with so many beneficial things besides CBD (Cannabidiol). The hemp plant has other beneficial components like terpenes (this is what makes the plant smell) worth bottling and saving. 

Mother nature has given us this amazing gift and we do everything we can to preserve that. The medicine within the hemp plant is truly a miracle and it helps so many of our customers maintain a better quality of life. We didn’t jump into the hemp business for a quick buck, we got into because we believed in the plant and wanted to share that with our community, our region and with the world. We are proud to release our new USDA organic line of tinctures at the best value on the market. Visit us online at for our complete product line and more info.

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