New Studies About Hemp and Covid

What do you get when you make a plant illegal?

Two things:

The first being the incarceration of citizens who use the plant for its recreational and medicinal properties.

The second being the limitation of the scientific study of the benefits of the plant for almost a century.

New Research Shows Cannabis May Block Covid-19

Just think of the scientific discoveries we’ve witnessed since the 1920’s.  Now with the prohibition of cannabis falling away, state by state, research institutions finally get to apply these modern scientific methods to a plant that has been used medicinally since 10,000 B.C.

And what are these researchers finding?  Exactly what we all expected.  The Cannabis plant is literally packed with beneficial compounds that fit receptors in the human body like a hand and a glove.

Researchers from Oregon State University released a study this week that two compounds found in the cannabis plant are showing to be inhibitors of the cell uptake of Covid-19.  The two compounds that are showing such promise are CBGA and CBDA.  Now of course, more research is needed, and we’ll need many more studies before we can call this a medical breakthrough.

Not unrelated, another meta data study out of Chicago showed that people who were prescribed a CBD pharmaceutical called Epidiolex were 12 times less likely to contract Covid-19 versus the general public.  Again, this was a small sample size, but could potentially be pointing to the same conclusion.

Boost Natural Immunity with Supplements

cbd immunity shield bottle

Unfortunately, in a pandemic, we don’t have time for three years of double-blind studies.  We have to work with the information we have at hand.  At the onset of the pandemic in late 2019, the data suggested that most of the people being hospitalized with Covid-19 were Vitamin D deficient.  On that knowledge, we developed a Multivitamin Immunity Shield with CBD. Designed to be taken daily, the beneficial compounds are aimed at getting your natural immune system to be in optimum condition when inevitably, you come in contact with Covid-19.  

Talk to Your Doctor

Please, talk to your doctor.  We cannot and will not make any medical claims regarding the benefits of CBD, only point to the research. But don’t be surprised when study after study begins to legitimize the medicinal claims that cannabis users have touted for centuries. You need no further evidence of this trend than the amount of funding pharmaceutical companies are pouring into cannabis research. 

Again, please talk to your doctor.  Please be safe, and stay healthy.

Reid Watson

As a self-described “innovator”, Reid urged his family farm into hemp cultivation as soon as it was allowed. “The chance to grow a plant that could be so beneficial to people’s lives offered the perfect opportunity to balance work and advocacy.” Reid received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Clemson in ’06, and a master’s in ’13. “Whether it’s buildings or businesses, the fruits of our labor should benefit society as a whole.” Reid brings this holistic mindset into the development of Indigo Ridge Hemp. “Through design and research, we will strive to deliver the healthiest products on the market by offering certified organic hemp, and the highest quality extraction methods available.”
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