How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

This is our furry friend Chance. He is 14 years old (in doggy years) and suffers from Arthritis.

Chance was having difficulty getting up from a sitting or prone position. His mom Jan says our IRH Pet Formula CBD oil has helped his mobility and pain level. Jan sent us a video showing how much Chance likes his CBD Oil.

So, how can CBD help your pet? CBD Promotes wellness and balance with interaction on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Pets have built in receptors that rely on cannabinoids to send signals to their brain, their nervous system, and their organs. CBD helps deliver signals sent by receptors that help control pain caused by inflammation, nausea and even anxiety. We have furry customers who sleep like babies once their parents give them their CBD.

Why not give CBD a try for your anxious pet?

Gregory Wilkins

One of our Founders and our lead Business Development Strategist, Gregory has a background in commercial real estate development and loves nature and the outdoors. He is excited about the future of Indigo Ridge Hemp because he believes consumers are growing more open to wholistic and cannabis derived drugs.
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