Field Report: August

Our hemp plants have been in the ground for a little over a month-and-a-half. The ladies are taking off, and we’ve had good weather to promote size growth in the vegetative stage. We’re now moving into the flowering stage. The flowers have started forming, and sweet terpenes are being produced. Soon the flowers will thicken up and start producing cannabinoids like CBD & CBG. We hope for more beautiful weather, and hope everyone stays safe out there!

Reid Watson

As a self-described “innovator”, Reid urged his family farm into hemp cultivation as soon as it was allowed. “The chance to grow a plant that could be so beneficial to people’s lives offered the perfect opportunity to balance work and advocacy.” Reid received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Clemson in ’06, and a master’s in ’13. “Whether it’s buildings or businesses, the fruits of our labor should benefit society as a whole.” Reid brings this holistic mindset into the development of Indigo Ridge Hemp. “Through design and research, we will strive to deliver the healthiest products on the market by offering certified organic hemp, and the highest quality extraction methods available.”
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