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How to care for your CBD oil

Caring for your CBD oil can make a huge difference in its freshness and longevity. Keeping it away from light and heat while storing it in a cool, dark place and in its original air tight bottle will preserve the oil and maintain its integrity.

Store oil in a cool and dark place

Keeping your CBD oil away from heat and light will maximize its freshness. It’s important to store it in a cool, dark place and refrigerate it if possible. Avoid keeping the oil away from appliances that produce heat or near a window that gets direct sunlight. While refrigeration is preferred, don’t keep your CBD hemp oil in the freezer. A cool, dark place is ideal, but your oil won’t hold its texture if frozen. Some hemp oils are able to withstand extreme cold, but CBD is not one of those oils.

At Indigo Ridge Hemp Company, we package our oil in indigo colored bottles to provide protection from light and heat. We do still suggest storing your oil away from heat and in a refrigerator if possible.

Keep in airtight bottles

Most CBD hemp oils are packaged and produced in airtight bottles to protect against exposure to air. Because of the delicate complex of CBD hemp oil, elements such as air and heat and damage and breakdown the natural oils. Keep your CBD hemp oil in its original bottle and packaging to maximize its freshness and life span.

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