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woman sleeping peacefully in a bed

Does Delta-8 Help You Sleep?

The Science behind this Popular Trend Tossing and turning all night while struggling to get the restful sleep you need can negatively affect your entire life. Low energy, irritability, and frustration are key symptoms of a lack of sleep that you no longer need to suffer with. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, but […]

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Indigo Ridge Hemp Farm supplies CBD Oil

New Studies About Hemp and Covid

What do you get when you make a plant illegal? Two things: The first being the incarceration of citizens who use the plant for its recreational and medicinal properties. The second being the limitation of the scientific study of the benefits of the plant for almost a century. New Research Shows Cannabis May Block Covid-19 […]

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cbd immunity shield

New Product Alert: CBD Immunity Shield

Immunity Shield Multivitamin with CBD: Indigo Ridge Hemp’s Solution to Staying well During Covid As we all know keeping a strong immune system is incredibly important these days. During the initial days of the pandemic co-founders Reid Watson and Gregory Wilkins began brainstorming on potential ways to help our customers maintain a strong and robust […]

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tractor plowing hemp fields

Field Report: October

The first of October was the beginning of the harvest.  Our successful grow season produced large, healthy flower buds packed with cannabinoids (CBD & CBG).  Once harvested, the top flower goes into our curing room.  Curing hemp flower is an important slow drying process that preserves the flavor packed terpenes, and allows for a smoother […]

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tractor plowing hemp fields

Field Report: August

Our hemp plants have been in the ground for a little over a month-and-a-half. The ladies are taking off, and we’ve had good weather to promote size growth in the vegetative stage. We’re now moving into the flowering stage. The flowers have started forming, and sweet terpenes are being produced. Soon the flowers will thicken […]

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rows of hemp

CBD is not Marijuana

The CBD world has been compared to the Wild, Wild West. This is caused by confusion of the Cannabis Sativa plant with THC (Marijuana) and the Hemp plant (where Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from), being the same. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one compound of more than 100 active compounds found in Cannabis Sativa. THC is the only […]

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Professional Athletes are turning to CBD for Relief and Faster Recovery.

No one is more in tune with their bodies than professional athletes.  In a sense, their bodies are their livelihood, and they continuously push their bodies to the limits.  Now some athletes are turning to the natural benefits of CBD to help them rest and recover.   CBD has a natural anti-inflammatory reaction to the body […]

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CBD Oil helps family pet get relief

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

How Can CBD Help Your Pet? This is our furry friend Chance. He is 14 years old (in doggy years) and suffers from Arthritis. Chance was having difficulty getting up from a sitting or prone position. His mom Jan says our IRH Pet Formula CBD oil has helped his mobility and pain level. Jan sent […]

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Indigo Ridge Hemp

A World of Terpenes

A World of Terpenes The nose knows.  A rose, a pinecone, fresh cut grass, all are examples of the world of terpenes all around us.  Terpenes, or “terps,” are metabolites found in the natural oils produced by plants. Our sense of smell interacts with this hidden world, but many times we aren’t aware of their […]

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CBD Lexington SC

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart: New Queen on the Throne of CBD If you’ve been considering trying CBD, one of the most trusted names in lifestyle and consumer needs is here to back it. That’s right, Martha Stewart, the home living queen herself is the new face of cannabis. Her quirky friendship with Snoop Dogg has seemed to […]

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