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A World of Terpenes

The nose knows.  A rose, a pinecone, fresh cut grass, all are examples of the world of terpenes all around us.  Terpenes, or “terps,” are metabolites found in the natural oils produced by plants. Our sense of smell interacts with this hidden world, but many times we aren’t aware of their subtle impact on our lives.  

Have you ever wondered how a wine can have pepper, or floral notes? This is due to the terpene profile of the particular vintage. Scientist have discovered over 20,000 different terpenes in plants around the world. The cannabis plant, and its different strains can contain over 100 different terpenes, each having its own tailored effect on humans.  

Here are a few of the most common terpenes found in cannabis and their benefits:

Caryophyllene – (spicy, peppery) also found in black pepper, cloves, and basil. It has been known to help with anxiety, and is anti-inflammatory. 

Pinene – (pine) also found in orange peels and pine needles. It has been known to promote alertness.

Myrcene – (fruity, musky, earthy) also found in hops, thyme, and lemongrass. It has been used as an anti inflammatory, and a mild sedative.

Limonene – (citrus) also found in lemons, limes, and oranges. It has been used to relieve stress and elevate moods.

This is just a small portion of the the wonderful aromas that the cannabis plant provides us. A more comprehensive list can be found here.  

Hike through the forests of Pinene. Take a walk in the orchards of Limonene.  Stop and smell the rosey Geraniol every now and then, and open your senses up to the wonderfully hidden world of terpenes.

Reid Watson

Reid Watson


As a self-described “innovator”, Reid urged his family farm into hemp cultivation as soon as it was allowed.  “The chance to grow a plant that could be so beneficial to people’s lives offered the perfect opportunity to balance work and advocacy.”  Reid received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Clemson in ’06, and a master’s in ’13.  “Whether it’s buildings or businesses, the fruits of our labor should benefit society as a whole.”  Reid brings this holistic mindset into the development of Indigo Ridge Hemp.  “Through design and research, we will strive to deliver the healthiest products on the market by offering certified organic hemp, and the highest quality extraction methods available.”

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