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Our mission is to produce high quality CBD Oil products. Providing trusted products for our customers is first and foremost. 

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Farm-To-Body CBD Oil Products

At Indigo Ridge, we cultivate, extract, and manufacture our own full-spectrum CBD oil in South Carolina. Our hemp plants are CCOF Certified organic. All IRH products are screened for quality and consistency by third party labs, and are available at wholesale or retail prices. 

Our goal is to always provide the purest, most ecologically-sound CBD oil products in North America — at a competitive price.

New Organic CBD Oils!

New CDB Oil Products Coming Soon

Indigo Ridge Hemp is now selling fully USDA organic line of CBD oil available in two strengths 750mg and 1200mg and in three 100% organic flavors “Pure Hemp” “Organic Mint” and “Citrus.” Providing our customers with a fully organic product has been our team’s ethos since day one. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality CBD oil on earth directly from our farm to you.

Learn About CBD

What is cannabidiol? Why are full-spectrum CBD oils more effective than isolates? Is there any solid science to health claims about CBD? Click here to learn more about CBD and its applications, with links to peer-reviewed articles.

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Browse our selection of full-spectrum CBD products for individuals, families, and small batch crafts.

All Indigo Ridge products are sustainably produced, certified organic, and processed right here in South Carolina.

Wholesale CBD Oil

All Indigo Ridge CBD products are available at wholesale pricing for bulk purchases or resale.

Contact us for details or browse our wholesale catalog.

What Customers Are Saying

Great customer service, and great job educating users about the benefits of CBD.

Caroline Taylor Merritt


Best quality and customer service hands down!

Parker DeWitt

IRH News

Field Report: October

The first of October was the beginning of the harvest.  Our successful grow season produced large, healthy flower buds packed with cannabinoids (CBD & CBG).  Once harvested, the top flower goes into our curing room.  Curing hemp flower is an important slow drying...

Field Report: August

Our hemp plants have been in the ground for a little over a month-and-a-half. The ladies are taking off, and we’ve had good weather to promote size growth in the vegetative stage. We’re now moving into the flowering stage. The flowers have started forming, and sweet...

Dosage 101

Dosage 101 Part 1 One of the most common questions in the CBD world is, “How much CBD oil do I take?”.  The simplest answer is: people come in all shapes and sizes, and their bodies may receive CBD oil differently.  The way the receptors in our Endocannabinoid System...

CBD is not Marijuana

The CBD world has been compared to the Wild, Wild West. This is caused by confusion of the Cannabis Sativa plant with THC (Marijuana) and the Hemp plant (where Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from), being the same. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one compound of more than 100...

Professional Athletes are turning to CBD for Relief and Faster Recovery.

No one is more in tune with their bodies than professional athletes.  In a sense, their bodies are their livelihood, and they continuously push their bodies to the limits.  Now some athletes are turning to the natural benefits of CBD to help them rest and recover.  ...

What drives us?

Indigo Ridge Hemp had a simple goal from day one. We wanted to produce the best CBD oil possible from the ground up, literally. We have been farming on the same fertile rich strip of land apply named “The Ridge” for over 100...
CBD Oil helps family pet get relief

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?This is our furry friend Chance. He is 14 years old (in doggy years) and suffers from Arthritis.Chance was having difficulty getting up from a sitting or prone position. His mom Jan says our IRH Pet Formula CBD oil has helped his mobility and...
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